Know What Your OPI Gel Kit Contains

The world has not returned to normal after the pandemic crisis. Hence, you still have many people relying on DIY nail manicures instead of visiting nail salons. Under such circumstances, you must have a nail manicure kit at home. An OPI gel kit should be the perfect one to have as it contains all the ingredients needed for an excellent nail manicure job.

For those who are new to gel kits, let us discuss what a gel kit contains and how to use each of the items available in the gel kit.

What does an OPI Gel kit contain?

Depending on the type of polish you purchase, the kit contents will differ. The OPI gel kit will contain all the ingredients required for a successful gel manicure.

Prepping Tools

Every nail manicure kit comes with a set of prepping tools. It is essential because preparing the nails for the manicure is crucial. Your nails should be in perfect shape before you start with the gel manicure.

The nail cutter is useful for cutting and trimming the overgrown nails to maintain the perfect shape. There should not be any sharp edges when you begin your nail manicure. It is critical to ensure that you trim and smooth out the edges before the manicure. It can look unpleasant if you do it after completing the gel polish job.

The nail files come in handy to remove the debris that sticks to the nail surface after using the nail cutter. It smooths out the entire nail, including the portion that grows out of your fingers.

Nail wipes are vital to remove any oil residue sticking to your nail. If there is any oil on your nail, the basecoat will not stick to your nail, and the nail polish will lift. It will result in premature removal.

Your OPI gel kit should also contain isopropyl alcohol that helps to disinfect the nail after your cut and trim it. It also absorbs the oils and prepares your nails for the perfect manicure.

Brushes form an integral part of the prepping tools. It helps to dust off the excess dipping powder that you apply to the nail.

Nail painting brushes are available on the nailcare kit to apply the gel polish to your nails. It is crucial to maintain these brushes by washing them clean after every paint job.

The orangewood cuticle stick is essential to push the cuticles into the groove. Otherwise, they affect the entire nail manicure and cause the nail polish to lift.

The Polish Set

Your OPI nail polish set is another crucial element of your nail care kit. It contains the different items necessary for an excellent polish job.

It comprises the basecoat application, the OPI colors (different colors, depending on your choice), the activator gel, and the topcoat application. The basecoat is necessary to form a firm base for the gel polish to adhere to your nail. The OPI nail polish set contains different shades of nail polish required for painting your nail. You can choose the colors you like.

The activator gel activates the nail polish ingredients in the gel polish and helps bind to the basecoat. The topcoat application lends the necessary shine to the nails and makes them look resplendent.

Generally, the UV lamp is not a part of the OPI gel kit. You should have your UV lamp at home. The most crucial part is to check the UV lamp whether it is working correctly because the UV lamp is necessary for curing your gel nail polish. The polish will not harden and cause smudging around the fingers if you do not go through the curing process.

Nail polish remover or acetone solution is necessary to remove the existing nail polish from your nails before you attempt the new process. It also helps to remove nail polish that sticks to your fingers during the current nail manicure job.

The Material Safety Data Sheet

Your OPI gel kit comes with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that lists out all the precautions to take before you attempt the gel polish manicure. Nail polish can accidentally get into your eyes or come in contact with your skin. The SDS lists out the first aid measures to take to deal with such accidents.

Why should you avoid local use-at-home-gel polish kits?

The local gel polish kits do not contain the SDS. Hence, you would not know the chemicals involved in the gel polish’s manufacture. It will not list out the hazards and the protective measures you need to take. Therefore, it is advisable to go for reputed kits, such as OPI nail polish set.

Points to Note when going for a DIY manicure

Before starting the gel manicure, you should have all the ingredients handy. It is better to go through the SDS and understand the steps to take if there is an untoward accident.


One should know the risks of nail polish and take counteractive measures. If you do not know how to handle such a situation, it is better to approach a nail salon for a gel manicure.