ariane-williamsHi, I am Ariane!

I have been a long time sufferer of Acne since my pre-teen years. I am 30 years old and I still have the condition. Sucks, right? Well 20+ years has taught me a lot and now I have the knowledge that I need to control the condition. I have found that my diet, stress, and hormones have a big effect when it comes to controlling my Acne.

One of the most recent motivators I had to take better care of my skin was after a not so great visit to the dermatologist. After I gave birth to my daughter I broke out really bad. It was so bad I decided to make a trip to the dermatologist. Unfortunately because I am a breastfeeding mother, nothing the dermatologist could recommend would be safe. However, what I found to be very disappointing is she was unwilling to offer any natural treatments or at the very least over the counter products that would help. In her words, “I am not a holistic doctor”, essentially I forked over a $40 for nothing. So I decided to take matters in my own hands and get serious about my skin. To my surprise using my own DIY recipe scrub I created improved my skin dramatically to help clear up my terrible dark spots once the terrible cystic breakout I had was over with. It also helps me to stay clear by preventing abnormal or slow skin shedding.

For my regimen

  • I currently use birth control, which helps with any hormonal balance
  • Exfoliating with my natural ginger scrub is a regular part of my routine to reduce hyperpigmentation and breakouts
  • I like to use moisturizing mists that I create or
    Simple Skincare’s Hydrating Gel
  • I use very mild cleansers or just plain old hot water from the shower
  • I refrain from touching my skin as much as I can
  • I try my best to drink lots of water every day
  • For flare ups I like to spot treat with
    raw honey (antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties) or
    tea tree oil (anti-bacterial astringent)
  • I do notice that I get breakouts when I am really stressed out or I am eating really bad sugary foods. So when I do breakout I try to improve my eating and de-stress by doing things I love.

I created this website so I can touch upon the unique issues that people of color with acne face, like hyperpigmentation. Also there are certain oral medications that are not the best choice for people of African descent. In the past I had someone prescribe me a medication that is not the best option for African American skin, I got discoloration on my lips, one of the side-effects of this medication.

It took years and years to find a regimen that works for me. Believe me I tried it all! Proactiv, the zit zapper, and tons of oral medications. With patience and persistence you will find what works too, hopefully way faster than I did. Afterall, you have this resource ; ) Blessings on your Smoovve skin care journey!