How to Store Gel Nail Polish?

Nail polish is one of the most popular products for women. If you do your own nails at home, things you need to do is choosing the best gel nail polish kit and practice regularly, these are indispensable products. However, some people do not know how to properly store nail polish, which makes it quickly deteriorate. So, what are the ways to preserve nail polish gel color? Learn how to preserve them in the article below.

How to Store Gel Nail Polish

Consequences of Improper Storage of Nail Polish!

Many girls always invest in nail polish gel bottles with colorful colors. However, a few problems in the storage process cause the nail polish to be damaged. This makes your nail polish only last about a month and then dry. The causes of this condition are many. Failure to close the lid after use will cause the paint to dry quickly. In case you mix nail polish with some other substances, it is easy to dry the paint.

When storing nail polish incorrectly can lead to many different conditions. For example, nail polish is dry, hard and can’t give a nice color. At the same time, others may have lumps or be unable to open the lid.

Tips for Storing Nail Polish Properly!

Each type of nail polish has instructions for use and care attached. You should pay attention to be able to properly store nail polish. Here are some ways to properly store nail polish to help you keep it for a long time.

Put Nail Polish in a Cool, Dry Place

Putting nail polish in a cool, dry place is one way to properly store nail polish. The reason why nail polish dries quickly is due to the change of chemical components in the paint. A lot of girls choose the bathroom as a place to put nail polish. Because the bathroom is a place with unstable temperature and extremely high humidity. External factors such as unstable light, temperature have an impact on nail polish. Since then, nail polish when placed in places with unstable light is easy to dry.

Put Gel Nail Polish Properly

Did you know that placing the nail polish bottle correctly is a tip to properly store the polish? A little habit of girlfriends is often to put nail polish lying around inside the basket. Or when going out, your girlfriend will often put it in her bag. This is not the right way to store nail polish.

The right way to store gel polish is to keep the nail polish gel bottle upright. You go to a nail salon and see that nail polish is always neatly arranged everywhere. This arrangement is both a cosmetic placement and a way to properly store nail polish.

Clean the Nail Polish Cap with Cleaning Solution after Use

Nail polish remover, also known as acetone. One way to preserve nail polish is to soak a cotton ball in acetone and wipe the cap off the nail polish. This will help the lid to be more tightly closed. This way, the nail polish inside will avoid the air and not dry out.

Should You Put Gel Nail Polish in the Fridge?

One way that many of you often use to preserve is to put it in the refrigerator. So, should you put nail polish in the refrigerator to preserve it? The answer is yes. The temperature in the refrigerator compartment is very stable. At the same time, this cool temperature will maintain the ingredients in the paint longer when left outside. Note that when putting paint in the refrigerator, do not freeze it!

Besides, sometimes the climate is very hot and sometimes cold. Therefore, the constant change in temperature will make the nail polish more prone to clumping. Therefore, putting gel nail color polish in the refrigerator is a good way to preserve it.

Should Gel Nail Polish Be Diluted?

Diluting gel nail polish with acetone is a secret that many women share when nail polish is clumpy. However, this is not entirely correct. The main reason is that the component of acetone will break down the chemical structure of nail polish. At that time, the nail polish will be diluted and not as good as before.

If you want to dilute the paint, use specialized nail polish thinners. These substances are specially formulated for nail polish. Your paint can then be diluted without worrying about damaging the structure.

Final Thought

The DIY trend is extremely popular, many girls have chosen and owned themselves the best gel polish kit to be able to create beautiful and unique nail sets at home, here are some tips for you to preserve nail gel polish well and durable.