Precautions to Ensure a Safe Nail Manicure

It is great to have a beautiful manicure. The colorful powder nails and acrylic paint look gorgeous and can entice anyone. However, one should note that even the best nail polish is a chemical combination. Using chemicals on your nails can have side effects. It can be harmful, especially if you work in a nail salon. Hence, nail salon owners and technicians should observe various precautions when using the acrylic dipping powder system.

Dangerous Chemicals in Nail Polish

Precautions to Ensure a Safe Nail Manicure

Acrylic nail liquids and other nail products include hazardous chemicals that cause skin problems like dermatitis, allergic reactions, etc. Therefore, methyl methacrylate (MMA) is not recommended for nails. Generally, nail polish contains ethyl methacrylate (EMA), which is comparatively safer.

The nail primers used in the acrylic dipping powder system contain combinations of methacrylic acid and non-methacrylic acid. They help in preparing the nail for having acrylic extensions. However, they can cause chemical burns or skin sensitizations. Hence, one should be careful when handling them.

Acrylic fumes can cause nausea, dizziness, and vomiting sensations. They can also irritate the eyes. Therefore, salon technicians should wear appropriate masks and protective eyeglasses to safeguard themselves. Besides, nail filing can cause dust to spread everywhere and cause problems like chest tightness and wheezing.

Nail strengtheners contain formaldehyde that can cause cancer and other genetic defects. Besides, cheap nail polish contains dangerous chemicals like toluene and dibutyl phthalate that prevent nail cracking. These three chemical compositions are dangerous, with many countries banning their use.

Besides, continuous exposure to these hazardous chemicals can cause diseases like Hepatitis B, fungal infections, and Hepatitis C. Therefore, users and nail service technicians, in particular, should be careful and take the following precautions.

Precautions to Take to Ensure Safety

Here are some tips for nail salon technicians and users to handle nail manicures safely and protect themselves from the hazardous chemicals found in powder acrylic.

Nail salons should have a list of all products, conduct a risk assessment, and prepare a safety statement for everyone to follow. Generally, the safety instructions are available on the product catalogs. Otherwise, the salons can get the information from the respective suppliers.

Every salon technician should be instructed to use the 3-free products during the manicure process. The 3-free products are nail manicure products that do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. They can also extend it to 5-free and include camphor and formaldehyde resin in their list of banned product ingredients.

Nail salons should ensure that their technicians know the dangers these hazardous products can cause. They should also educate their customers to steer clear of such product ingredients when having nail manicures at home.

UV lights and LED lamps are essential products in every nail salon for curing gel polish nails. However, excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause medical problems like skin cancer. Hence, nail salon technicians should use rubber gloves that block these radiations and protect their skin. The nail polish users can also use specialized gloves with nail-sized holes at the edges to ensure that their fingers do not get exposed to UV radiation.

Products like acetone and nail primers are inflammable. Hence, one should not use tea lights and candles on the table. It is also advisable for salon technicians and users to plug the cap on the container bottles immediately to avoid exposure of these fumes to air.

It is also advisable to place nail polish like your acrylic dipping powder systems in dark storage containers and not expose them to sunlight. In addition, the salons should have lined garbage metal bins with lids to dispose of the garbage like cotton pads, gauzes, and wipes soaked with nail polish products.

One should not use surgical gloves because they do not protect the skin from the harmful effects of nail polish ingredients. In contrast, they can use rubberized gloves. Besides, one should also avoid latex gloves because they can cause allergic reactions.

Ventilation is critical, especially when you use powder nails and acrylic. Acrylic fumes can cause nausea and vomiting sensations to many people. Therefore, your salons should have plenty of ventilation. The same applies when using acrylic dipping powder systems.

One should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when having nail manicures. If you exercise adequate care and take the necessary precautions, you can avoid exposure to harmful ingredients. Besides, one should always ensure using high-quality products. They might be slightly expensive, but they do not cause any harm.

Final Thoughts

Using acrylic color powder systems to get the best nail manicures is the trend today. While it provides the best manicures, it is also essential to look into the health quotient. One can take the precautions listed above and ensure a safe manicure process. While it is essential for nail salon technicians, regular users can also learn from these tips to protect themselves from the harmful effects, especially when they have their manicures at home.