How to Make Your OPI Gel Polish Long Lasting

Before coming to the obvious point one should know some basics like how long a nail polish can last without chipping. Well, that vastly matters from techniques to formulations. Gel polishes from most brands, like fan favorite OPI are very hard to remove because of their UV light formulation and hardening textures. But that doesn’t make it resistant to anything and everything. On average a particular woman visits a nail salon within 2 weeks even if it’s well done and taken care of.

How to Make Your OPI Gel Polish Long Lasting

Debuted with iconic 30 colors OPI gel color set did an extraordinary thing from the very start. Which makes it irresistible to experts. From bases to topcoats, glossy to matte no matter what the preference is, no short-lived manicure experience is usually forecasted. it is said by their experts if well taken care of it can go from fifteen days to one and half months without chipping.

So a list of 8 tips are stated below to overwhelm your gel polish manicure experience to the fullest:

Apply base color with a thin coat

This may seem a very basic and well – known tip. It’s safe to say the vast majority of people, even nail experts go through this type of mistake. With one swipe opaque formula of gel polishes which hardens within 30 seconds, one doesn’t have to do much. If done incorrectly thicker coats will take way too much time to dry and chip right off when doing any chores.

Using dry and cool air to dry your gel polish

Hot and humid air will be the last thing one should put in their drying gel polish. Hot hair is preventing the lacquer from drying properly when humidity is adding moisture which is the exact opposite you will want in your nails to last long. It’s scientifically proven that cool air makes lacquer much more harder than it already is and helps to stick to the nails.

Re-applying the top coat every 2-3 days

Manicure done in salon vs manicure done in the home has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. When in salon you have your expert ready in hand who knows the do’s and don’ts perfectly but then manicure in the home by self can give you the choice where you can apply the quick topcoat to make it more new and interesting.

Shake your gel nail polish and make it warm in your hand

OPI experts noted that the shaking of the gel nail polish gives you not only an even color but also lasts well because of the formula resetting in the tube. The pigmentation can create air bubbles if the product is specifically old and next to expiry date. Air bubbles manage to give you splotchy results which can further prone to peeling. OPI gel particularly products from the OPI brand use no air bubble formula which makes it easier.

File nails after putting gel polishes

Mistakes can happen to the best of us. Painting your nails is no exception. In particular, the spots where it may seem overdone and uneven, it’s better to file than redoing and getting more products in those nails. Gel polishes which doesn’t catch more products than needed in their wand is the way to go in this area of mistakes.

Take care of your nails

Nails are very dry in nature and lack moisture even on very oily skin. The more dry your nails are, the more you can get chipped nails within days. Using cuticle creams or lotions lends a helping hand to your gel polishes when it’s done right. Use a nail-approved lotion half an hour before your manicure. Don’t just use and paint your nails straight away. This can revert back with splotchy application and non opaque color.

Use gloves when using house chores

Surfactants and water will ruin your gel polishes no matter how hard and long-wearing it is. Using gloves will not only help you protect those cuticles from drying but also nails lacquer from chipping. If one can’t simply opt-out for gloves check out the OPI gel polish top coats which are specially made to be sheltered against surfactants and hard water

Polish the full nail including the free edges

Gel polishes especially the royalties of nail world, OPI nail lacquer creates a layer when drying which makes the nail last longer than it already is. Using the OPI flexible wand one should get the very edges (both upside and downside) of each nail to seal the formula. This type of simplest trick can give you the best nails.


There are numerous ways you can do your nails which makes them last longer. But safe to say this scientifically proven eight of them are and always will be at the top of that list. But saying that the most prominent thing will always be, using the right formulation. Brands like OPI use modern technology which makes them diverse and eminent. it gets your job done the way you like it.