How to Remove Dip Powder Manicure (SNS Manicure)

It takes longer for SNS manicures to degrade or chip off compared to gel manicures. Its base formula of SNS dip colors indicates that the achieved coating cannot be easily peeled off. It creates the essence of being acquainted with the knowledge on how to properly remove it, especially if you will have to do it at home. The process of applying dip powder manicure is easy and straightforward, which makes them the preference of many people who visit beauty parlors and salons. Likewise, it is easy and fast to remove an SNS manicure if you know how to do it. You can choose to do it in the salon or the comfort of your home.

Various methods can be used to remove dip nails. You can choose to use an acetone soak or aluminum foil and acetone. Nevertheless, any method that you prefer should leave your nails clean, happy, and healthy.

Using an Aluminum Foil

Use a Nail File

A nail file is instrumental in removing dip powder nails. It involves using the file to sand down the topmost layers of the nails on each hand. Successful and healthy removal of these nails involves first eliminating the shiny top coat of the nails. You must thoroughly file each of the nails to make it efficient for the powder to come off.

Wrap Your Nails with Cotton Balls Soaked In Pure Acetone

After filing cut off chunks of cotton balls, the size of a fingernail and immerse them in 100% pure acetone. Also, you can soak a whole cotton ball and cut it into small balls that fit on fingernails. Have a cotton ball for every fingernail. Ensure that the balls get enough acetone to soak the nails. Make sure that no acetone is dripping from the balls.

Wrap Your Nails with Aluminum Foil

Once you have acetone soaked cotton balls, place them on each of the nails, and ensure that you have enough to cover the nails. Use small pieces of aluminum foil to cover each nail. Ensure that each of the nails has been completely covered and that it is firmly wrapped to hold the ball in place. The part of the finger covered using the foil should be big enough to facilitate the cotton ball on the nails to stays intact.

Remove the Foils and the Balls.

About a quarter an hour is enough to allow the acetone to perform its magic until the nails are soaked in it as required. Avoid moving the cotton balls or the aluminum foil before the estimated time elapses. Then, slightly pin down the cotton balls over each nail so that the powder gets wiped off by the cotton ball. Make sure that all the cotton balls and foils are removed in the same way. If there are residues of any powder, go for the nail file and remove them completely.

Soaking in Acetone

 File the Nail Surfaces

Make use of a nail file to file off the topcoat of the powder. Make sure to do it evenly and thoroughly to allow the acetone to soak more efficiently into the powder. It is an easy process that does not require any professional techniques. Look for two bowls of different sizes such that one can fit into the other. Pour hot water into the larger bowl. Do not heat the water such that it can burn your skin. If you have to use a microwave, make sure that the water does not take longer than a minute in it. You can also look for two small bows that will fit in the larger bowl if you want to soak both hands at the same time. Make sure that five nails can fit into each of the smaller bowls. However, it is easier to use one bowl to soak each hand at a time.

Immerse a Paper Towel in Acetone

Acquire a paper towel and fold it into thirds or halves, then wholly soak it with pure acetone.  The acetone does not need to be dripping from the towel. Just make sure that it is enough to have all your nails soaked.

Soak the Nails

Immerse your nails into the acetone covered paper towel for 10 to 15 minutes to allow it to soak into the powder. If you prefer working on a single hand at a time, ensure that the nails on each hand are soaked for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to cover your hands and the dish with a towel, turn on the fan and open the windows so that acetone’s smell does not become overwhelming. When the estimated time is over, remove dip nails from the acetone and use a paper towel to wipe off the powder. If there are any residues of the powder, dust them off using a nail file.