DND Nail Polish Vs. DND Nail Lacquer – A Cosmetic difference

Do women need nail polish to make themselves look prettier? No, they do not. Women are always lovely. Nail polish accentuates the prettiness and takes it to a different level altogether. Women worldwide have been using nail polish to beautify their hands. Besides the element of the fun of playing with colors, nail polish makes them feel confident and enhances their poise.

Nail polish is many a time referred to as nail lacquer. However, they are not the same, are they? We shall see the distinction between the two in this blog.

Nail Polish – The Concept

Contrary to what many people presume, nail polish gas a history dating back to 3000 BC. At that time, you did not have brands like DND nail polish or others. Women used organic materials like beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum Arabic for decorating their finger and toenails. As these ingredients had a natural origin, they were healthy.

Nail Lacquer – Is it any different from nail polish?

The term nail lacquer has its origin in the French word, ‘lacre,’ which means sealing wax. Thus, nail lacquer is a kind of nail polish that dries quickly when applied to the nails. Besides, nail lacquer gives off a unique sheen to the nails, thereby enhancing their beauty. Today, you have exceptional nail lacquer brands like DND Nail Lacquer that adds excellent luster to the nails. 

Thus, you can see that there is not much difference between the two. Nail polish is a broader concept that includes nail lacquer, gel polish, and other polish types, whereas nail lacquer is a narrower term in comparison.

Many people have the misconception that nail lacquer is a thicker coat when compared to nail polish. They feel that nail lacquer offers more consistency, durability, and chip-resistant qualities. If you compare gel polish and nail lacquer, the difference is relevant, but we have already explained before that nail polish is a broader term.

Different aspects of DND Nail Polish and Nail lacquer

When you sit down for a DND Nail lacquer job, you should understand the following terminologies.

  • Base Coat – The base coat is the first step towards a perfect manicure. It helps the nail polish to stick to the nails and protects your nail from staining or peeling.
  • Topcoat – The topcoat is a crucial aspect of your manicure. It acts as a sealant to the nail polish and lends your nails a glossy appearance.
  • Matte Finish – Not all people love to have shining nails. Such women require a matte topcoat that adds texture or a dimension to the nails to create a darker and less shiny appearance.
  • Sheer Finish – The sheer finish is an exclusive pink shade that lends a natural color to your nails. Many people also refer to the sheer finish as a nude shade of pink. This finish helps the nails to retain its natural tone.
  • Pearl Finish – The pearl finish is the perfect manicure job for a pastel outfit or a wedding. It gives a soft and classy look to your nails while emitting an angelic glow.
  • Crème Finish – The crème finish looks exceptional at all times. It has a tiny glossy appearance of a particular color. This finish is amongst the most popular of all worldwide.
  • Glitter Finish – As the name suggests, glitter is all about shine. It is an ideal finish to show off your beautiful nails.

We shall now share some tips to choose the best DND Nail polish from the exotic range available.

Tips for selecting the best nail polish

  • Many people have dry and brittle nails. They should opt for a base coat with nail strengthening qualities.
  • When getting a manicure, insist on getting a base coat and a topcoat. While a base coat prevents staining and peeling of your nails, a topcoat ensures no chipping of nails.
  • It is advisable to avoid the all-in-one base coat and topcoat products because they never deliver the same results as using three different products.
  • Select the nail polish that suits you the best. Your skin tone plays a critical role in choosing the ideal nail polish. DND gel nail polish and polish are available in more than 500 shades.
  • A light-complexioned woman should go for colors that enrich her skin tone. The pink and light blue pastels are the best.
  • Fair-skinned women can choose from a wider variety of colors, but they should avoid bright yellow or red based options.
  • Women with brown skin can try out the bright shades of blue or purple but should avoid darker colors.
  • The gold and peach colors look great on women with a medium skin tone.
  • Dark-skinned people should go for colors like dark red, maroon, and mocha. It is better to avoid light colors like pink, white, and orange.

Final thoughts

Selecting the ideal nail polish color can be challenging. A lot depends on individual tastes and skin tone. We have discussed the various nail polish colors that suit all types of women. Using the right DND nail polish color can enhance your beauty to an entirely different level and make you feel on top of the world.