There are 5 types of acne:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nodules


Whiteheads (Mild Acne)

Whiteheads are small blemishes that are filled with puss. This form can be treated with over the counter medicated creams and cleansers.

Blackheads (Mild Acne)

Blackheads appear as small black dots. Essentially they are clogged pores. You can have them extracted in a dermatologist office or by an esthetician. This form can also be treated with over the counter methods.

Papules (Moderate Acne)

These lesions are small to medium size and may be painful to the touch. They come along with redness and inflammation. This form may require a visit to the dermatologist for oral medications and topical solutions.

Pustules (Moderate Acne)

These pimples are very similar to papules only they are filled with a substantial amount of pus. A visit to the dermatologist is recommended for an oral solution and topical treatment.

Nodules and Cysts (Severe Acne)

This is the most severe form of Acne. These pimples tend to linger around for months at a time. They are painful, deep rooted and require a combination of topical and oral treatment.