Acne is a skin condition that ranges from mild to severe breakouts occurring on the face, neck, chest and back area. Mild forms of Acne usually suffer from whiteheads and blackheads, while the more serious cases result in cysts or what is called cystic acne. While there are many things that we still have to learn about acne here is what we do know:

#1 It’s hereditary

#2 Hormone imbalance plays a role (testosterone)

#3 Abnormal shedding contributes to breakouts

#4 Stress affects the condition

#5 Diet is not the root cause of the condition but it does have an effect of on it. (If you eat healthy and drink lots of water you may see an improvement. However, if you eat unhealthy you may see your condition get worse.)

As we can see from the above, a lot of the contributing factors of this condition are mostly out of the sufferer’s control. So if you are battling Acne do not blame yourself or if someone you love is suffering please do not blame them.

Acne does major damage to self esteem. Especially when you have a real bad case of it on your face. Your face is after all the first thing that people see.

While Acne affects all ethnic backgrounds it is usually (not always) less severe, inflammatory and easier to treat in those of African descent. People of color have the benefit of melanin serving as a form of protection, (the lighter your skin is the less protection you have). However, the draw back is we are more likely to suffer from hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin from Acne scarring.

Many people outgrow Acne after their teen years, but then there are some who unfortunately still suffer from Adult Acne. Again, the cause of Adult Acne could be heredity, stress, or hormone imbalance. Rest assure that there are options for treating acne and controlling it. It will take some patience and a little trial and error to find the right solution for you.

image credit: (CreateherStock)